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Our Critters are Family. . .

I recently lost my heart horse Miko.  He is the reason I started Hippie Critter and as I try and heal, I wanted something to remember him by, that I could have with me always. 

I started making Resin Mementos with a little bit of his mane hair.  We also lost a beloved dog George, and had his paw print, so we made a sign to honor him.  The sign has his name carved out of wood and a spot for his paw print.  We then use colored resin to embellish.  I know others would love the same for their critters and pets, both living and past. 

Here is how Resin Mementos works.  

  1. Resin Mementos Cost:  $45. Two (similar design) $75 (Plus $4 shipping)  

  2. Once you Place your order I will send you a survey so you can pick your options!  

  3. You send me the hair clippings

  4. I will get your mementos to you with in 10 days of receiving hair clippings.


Here are the wood/Resin Signs work: 

  1. Wood/Resin Signs Cost $140 for large with a memento (paw print, Picture, etc. $90 for small with just your pet's/critter's name.

  2. Once you place your order I will send you a survey so you can pick your options.

  3. If you are including a memento you need to it send to me, but we will start on the sign while waiting.  

  4. We will get your sign to you with-in 10 days of receiving your memento.

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