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Three Horses

Miko Retired FEI dressage horse with Laminitis

Spring of 2018, was desperately looking for a way to help my horse Miko with laminitis. I wanted to try CBD but could not find either good information or an affordable option.  When I did find a source they gave me the run around but,  I did not give up! In May we actually dug "the hole"!  Today the hole is empty and Miko is out in the field!  The only thing I have changed is adding CBD.  Since I truly believe in this product and want to make it affordable to others, I started Hippie Critter. (Hippie Horse).  I don' t know how long Miko has, but right now he is happy and had a much better summer than I ever imagined!  I hope it helps other horses out there! 

Jack 30 + year horse. Not eating.

Jack came to me late in his life.  He is between 30-40 years old!  This summer took a toll on him and he dropped a lot of weight and was not eating well.  I really thought this may be his last summer, but I did not want to give up on Jack!  I started him on Hippie Horse and some pain meds.   I knew Jack would eat just a few treats, so I chopped up his favorite treats with Hippie Horse.  It worked!  Jack started eating. I've given him Hippie Horse for about a month & he's eating voraciously, able to take in anti-inflammatory meds and high calorie feed.   He is moving very well and gaining some weight back.  I accidentally missed 2 days of Hippie Horse and his eating declined, so he's right back on it.  I know Jack's time could be short, but I'm making his final days as comfortable & enjoyable as possible.  Thank you for making that possible!  Without it, he would be miserable because he was.  He stood still and looked like he was just waiting for death.  My other horse is also better.  He's had the benefits of supplements and medications most of his 29 years, so his results are not as astounding, He was hitting one hind leg with the other hoof, creating a sore near the coronet band and that has nearly stopped and the sore is gone.  Thank you again!!  Jackie.

Horse with Ulcers.

In 2016 I bought a 5 year old horse that looked to have a promising Dressage career.  His movement was fabulous.  I had watched this horse’s advertisement for many months.  His price kept getting reduced more and more.  I finally inquired and was told that he cribs.  I got him anyways thinking that perhaps he had ulcers.  He was scoped and had very bad ulcers.  We treated him and they would come back.  For the past 2 years I have tried everything to make his tummy better.  I have literally spent thousands and thousands of dollars on omeprazole, nutrient buffers, hind gut meds and supplements, homeopathy oils and supplements, acupuncture and chiro and everything in between.  Subsequent scoping showed no ulcers.  This cribbing was a habit now.  It was strange to me that he would always crib after grain or treats but not out on pasture.  I started to think maybe there was pain in the tummy but not necessarily ulcers.  Then I came upon Hippie Horse.  He has been on this product to about 2 weeks now.  His cribbing is about 90% less than before.  This is nothing short of a miracle.  His attitude is calm and willing.  He does not paw the ground when being tacked up.  He’s kind of a brand new horse.  I am now going to put my laminitic Mini horse that is doing well on Equioxx and see how he does on this.  Many thanks to bringing this product to us!!   ~ L.S. "

Muscle Stiffness and Lack of Go

Hi Lisa,

I was a judge at one of your dressage shows and I purchased the CBD pellets for my horse.

 Over the years I have tried EVERYTHING to help him with his muscle stiffness and his lack of go button.  He is now only on the CBD pellets and the difference is remarkable. How do I purchase more? I had trouble using the contact information on the package. I have several clients I also am encouraging to purchase some for their horses.


Dorie Vlatten-Schmitz
USEF 'S' Dressage Judge/USEF 'r' Sport Horse Judge
USDF 'L' Faculty/ American Hanoverian Society Mare and Stallion Committee
USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medal
Central Arizona Riding Academy


Hippie Horse has helped PSSM, Kissing Spine, ulcers, and anxiety.  As I compile more individual stories, I will post here.

Help for Dogs!

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 7.32.03 AM.png

Panda and Einstein

Part 1

I ordered Hippie Hound CBD for my two elder dogs.who are both 11 years old..Its been almost a month and I noticed that even my dogs cataracts are improving..the anxious dog Panda my Border Collie calmer no more anxiety chewing and lil Einstein my JRT isn't as stiff as he his back and legs..I DO believe it is working. Einstein has had several seizures that Im aware of..who knows how many I wasn't aware of..he stiffens up and falls right over and cant move for a Looong minute...I have not seen any signs of that since I have been using this. I am a believer!!!Thank you Hippie Critters for your amazing product!!!

Part 2

I had bought a bag around Nov or did wonders. I was told my dog panda, age 11 had a heart murmur and my 12 year old JRT Einstein has a fatty tumor..I was also told they have " old age" eyes, hearing, arthritis..I found your CBD for dogs and when we went back to the vet...Heart murmur is gone..fatty tumor is still just that but it has not grown...their coats look wonderful , their eyes and ears have seemed to improve and the vet said they look half their age....I give all the credit to Hippie Hounds CBD. Again that is a very nice gesture in having me help another dog with the other bag of CBD. This is the reason your business will prosper imo. Again thank you so much and thank you for helping the animals.

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