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If your horse has laminitis and can't wear shoes, boots are a good option, but there are no boots on the market with a "clog" type bottom.  We will custom make clog bottoms for your horse's boots!  We work with Farrier Ken Remer (he has vast knowledge with clogs and laminitis), and designer Steve Williams, has been making clog bottoms for over 2 years and has perfected a design that works with boots. Since this process is custom, turnaround is 2-3 days. For emergencies we can expedite and ship overnight (for additional charges) Since most boots are not designed to accommodate your horses foot and a pad, we recommend the Easy boot Cloud and the Easy Boot Stratus.  They both have pads for comfort.  The Stratus has a pad system that does not hold up, but the boots are very nice.  (we put in our own pads). If you have questions email us at


SKU: CB001
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